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Our Scout troop is for young people aged from 10½ – 14 years old (6 month flexibility applies). Scouts meet together as a Troop and work within a variety of small groups called ‘Patrols’ lead by a Scout Patrol Leader.

The Patrol Leaders work with the Leadership Team in setting the programme and in decisions affecting the Troop. The Patrol system is one of the important ways that young people can take responsibility for themselves and others.

Scouting has a reputation as an outdoor organisation based on strong traditions of camping and other outdoor pursuits.

Our troop will offer a number of events away from home during the year, and very often a summer camp. These are important to the life of the Troop, as they are the culmination of much of the training during the year.

Scouts work towards challenge awards, completion of all of these leads to the Chief Scouts Gold Award. Scouts also have the opportunity to gain a wide range of activity badges by working inside and outside troop meetings. Most of the badges and awards in Scouts require some independant work by the Scouts themselves.

  • Our Scout Troop meets on Thursday evenings, 19:30 to 21:15

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