Winter Camp – November 2017

Posted on 5 December 2017

Not content with camping in the Summer when it’s (supposedly) warm and dry the Scout Leaders decided it was time to challenge our Scouts to camp in the winter. A 24 hour winter camp was arranged, with the kit list detailing lots of warm clothes and blankets!

Saturday dawned sunny, dry, cold and crisp, with a thick covering of frost on the ground! First order of the day on arrival was to get a fire lit and the boiler going, keeping warm was to be the order of the day and night.

The major difference between a summer and a winter camp isn’t just the cold, it was dark from just after 4, in fact in a 24 hour camp, there were only 9 hours of daylight! This gave opportunity for some backwoods cooking and a wide game, before settling down for a campfire and cocoa.

In the morning it was time to warm up round the fire before a big breakfast and getting packed up. A great weekend had by all.

A couple of our scouts have written about their adventures below:

“The 24 hour winter camp at snowball was great. We were so cold in the mornings, even though I had two sleeping bags, but I was still shivering. We did all sorts of things, like boiling water in a Kelly kettle, and orienteering in the dark was very hard and interesting to find the glow sticks (our targets).”

“The camp at the weekend was one of the best camps I’ve ever been on in my whole time of been in the business from the start of beavers to that camp. Although it was one of the coldest camps, everyone was snuggling together near the campfire or together on there chairs/benches. And everyone was nice to each other and there was plenty of food and drink to chose from. Also, there were lots of activities to do and plenty of free time to go off and explore or play games with some of your friends on your own and no one would interrupt you. In addition, if perhaps you were scared or scared of the dark, many people would comfort you!”

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